Let’s clarify what palliative care means: Documentary from Transplant TV

There is often some misinterpretation of what Palliative care means – thinking that it always comes only with end of life care.

A wonderful film from Transplant TV opens up this conversation and demonstrates a different perspective of palliative care – showing some of the benefits it can bring to transplant patients with life limiting illnesses.

Watch “Palliative Care” from Transplant TV

From the synopsis:

Three transplant patients, and their families, tell their own personal stories of how the palliative care team at the Institute of Transplantation in Newcastle improved their quality of life, even through the toughest of times.

The Institute of Transplantation at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle was a very worthy recipient of the PATCH Dundas Medal in 2018 and this film shows the amazing support the team offers to transplant patients and their families.

We are so proud to be able to associate our charity with such a wonderful palliative care service.