Dr Roger Flint awarded a prestigious Harvard HealthTech Fellowship.

In 2016, PATCH was the first organisation to fund Dr Flint in the development of his SPOT (Safer Prescribing of Opioids Tool) software as a medical device app.

He has worked tirelessly to develop this achieving funding along the way from Lippen Care, Scottish Enterprise and Innovate UK.

He has published, in collaboration with a small group of scientist, researchers and clinicians, in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health [1] and the Tayside Courier; presented at the centre of Advanced Palliative Care in the States, on BBC Radio and BBC the Nine [2]

SPOT has been cited by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care in Every Story’s Ending [3] as a recommended resource for prescribers. It has been recommended to the Scottish Government as a funding priority as part of their national palliative care strategy [4]. SPOT is published by Class Professional Publishing [5].

Most recently he has been awarded a prestigious Harvard HealthTech Fellowship which will enhance his future practice as a UK GP, particularly in medical leadership, innovation and patient safety.

SPOT supports prescribers to double-check their conversions of one strong morphine-like painkiller to another, at the patient’s bedside in palliative and end-of-life settings. It is the first such clinically validated opioid prescribing support tool available. It is in use in the Scottish Borders [6] and can be purchased through Class publishing.

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