First Chairman of PATCH retires

Sir Michael Nairn retires as PATCH's chairman after seven years of outstanding leadership and growth.

Sir Michael Nairn, who is Chairman of Rautomead Limited, Dundee, retired as PATCH’s first Chairman on 1st January 2021 after more than seven years. He successfully guided PATCH from its beginning in Tayside in 2013. However, his commitment to palliative care extends even further.   

In 2009, a three-bed Acute Palliative Care Unit, funded by public donations, opened in Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. In 2011 two members of the Acute Palliative Care Unit Trust were invited to Rautomead to meet Sir Michael & Mr Brian Frame, Managing Director and left with a £35,000 donation. The staff of Rautomead have remained wonderfully generous supporters ever since. 

What made Michael’s Chairmanship so successful? 

Above all, he has a passion for palliative care. He brought out the best in the Board and valued everyone’s contribution, writing hundreds of personal thank you letters to our many helpers. 

He was willing to travel to PATCH events, however remote, whatever the time of year and whatever the weather.  

His international business experience ensured that our financial record keeping was meticulous and our documentation consistently accurate and professional.

He established some remarkable and long lasting connections for PATCH; for example with the Highland Cattle Society. Both Sir Michael and Lady Sally Nairn are prominent exhibitors at Cattle Shows. The PATCH trophy, an exquisite sculpture created by Lady Sally for the best Highlander in the National Show, continues to be awarded every second year. 

The 2017 Balnabroich Show in Perthshire, involved 55 Highlanders from all over the country, a ceilidh, fish and chips, a hog roast, a remarkable auction and many new friends of PATCH. It raised over £50,000! 

PATCH’s fond friendship with the Highland Cattle Society remains strong.

Mr Mike Lavelle Jones, President of the RCSE and Sir Michael agreeing on the Dundas Medal.

From Cattle Shows to Colleges – a strong collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons resulted in the Dundas Medal, an annual award to any team or individual who made a valuable contribution to palliative care in their hospital.

During Sir Michael’s Chairmanship, PATCH raised £300,000 and funded 32 research, education and innovation initiatives including the first PATCH nurse in Scotland.

The importance of good end of life care has been clearly demonstrated to us during the pandemic and Sir Michael’s inspired leadership has helped us towards realising this dream for patients and their families. A deep felt thank you to Sir Michael from all at PATCH.