Helen McLaren running the Edinburgh 10k in support of PATCH

Helen McLaren is running the Edinburgh 10k on the 27th of May with a fundraising goal of £500.

Helen, who recently started running, wanted something to aim for and decided to sign up for the Edinburgh 10k. When searching for a cause that was important for her family, we were touched and delighted to find that she chose PATCH.

The last year has shown me how important palliative care is. My family has experienced a lot of loss with my three remaining grandparents passing away in the last 12 months. They all received fantastic care at the end of their lives.

Helen with her Mum and Gran

It’s heartening and encouraging to hear the positive impact of good palliative care, and how it can ease a difficult time for both the patient and the family.

My granny especially who, after visiting us in the Christmas of 2015, deteriorated rapidly after my grandpa’s death last February. I visited her multiple times and wished I could do more to help her. What made everything easier for my family and her was the good palliative care she received.

Any donation, big or small, could help Helen reach her target and your support would be greatly appreciated.