Team Rautomead raises £750 for PATCH at the Great North Run

Another incredible fundraising effort from Team Rautomead, who have worked so hard at fundraising for PATCH over the years.

Marc Moir, husband of Nicky Moir at Rautomead Limited in Dundee, ran the Great North run on Sunday 9th September on behalf of PATCH and Macmillan. £750 was donated to PATCH – a tremendous achievement.

Pamela Levack, Medical Director of PATCH, commented:

The contribution to palliative care made by charities is huge. The most recent project that this money will go to is a mandatory communications course in Tayside for final year Dundee Medical students.

Everyone starting as a doctor should have the basic skill of knowing how to speak [and listen to] patients who are very ill, and their families.

Once more a big thank you to Rautomead who have so given so generously towards the cause of palliative care for patients in hospital over many years. Their imagination for fund raising has no bound.